Saints Volleyball Starts the Season Undefeated with Seven Straight Wins!

Go Saints!

The Lady Saints volleyball team is bump, set, spiking their way to victory with an unbroken streak of seven wins. Captain Jill Cook has proven to be a stalwart leader as the Saints face our various opponents. The girls have played successful games against IFSA, Lycee de Francais, and Universal, among others. Defeating Universal was a motivating encouragement for the hardworking Lady Saints, as it was our first triumph over this team.

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The Joy of Being Catholic - Affiliation with the Diocese of Joliet

Chesterton Academy of The Holy Family is pleased to announce that we are an officially recognized Catholic High School affiliated with the Diocese of Joliet. We thank our staff, faculty, and administration, and all who have helped make this possible, working side by side with Rev. John Belmonte, Diocesan Superintendent of Catholic Schools under the guidance of the Most Reverend R. Daniel Conlon, Bishop of Joliet.

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MilestonesMary Shaffer
On building character in our children

Right now, my wife and I are reading The Little House books to our daughters. In Farmer Boy, the ten-year-old Almanzo can yoke and drive his own team of oxen. At one point, in the middle of winter, Almanzo is hauling logs from the woods back to his home through the snow. Wow! At ten years old!

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How can we know whether we are really educating our students/children? What test can we use?

I have a possible response to these questions. First, we must have in mind what the goal of education is, and then we can evaluate whether our students/children are moving toward it. One articulation of our goal is this: We desire to educate your child’s “palate” such that they will know the “taste” of the truth, the good, and the beautiful.

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