YES, I’d like to support Chesterton Academy!

After prayerful discernment, I/we have decided to support Chesterton Academy of The Holy Family to help deliver a Christ-centered, classical education to high school students that pursues TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY.

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Holy Family Society

You can imitate the Holy Family in their generosity by becoming a Chesterton Academy of the Holy Family Recurring Donation Partner. Recurring givers are our most dedicated supporters.


Join The Holy Family Recurring Gift SocietY

  • By becoming a member of The Holy Family Recurring Gift Society, you agree to contribute $25 or more each month through automatic deductions from your credit card or debit card account with no specified end date.

  • Recurring family members provide a stable source of income for Chesterton Academy of The Holy Family, helping to reduce both expense and dependency on other fundraising activities, allowing us to focus on the school and future needs.

  • Once you are enrolled in our Holy Family Recurring Gift Society, you will be remembered in our daily Masses and prayers at convocation. There will be a special Mass that will be offered for society members on or near the Feast of The Holy Family.

For more information about making a recurring gift or to request a Holy Family Society information card or prayer card, please contact our Donor Relations Team at 630-442-1424 or